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'Experiences for audiences' is our motto. This show will certainly deliver that... Every single person will feel the power of live theatre.


A picture is worth 1,000 words — what about a song? Can a picture inspire a song or fifteen? In 35mm, each photo creates a unique song, moments frozen in time; a glimmer of a life unfolding, a glimpse of something happening. This intricately woven collection of stories told through song re-imagines what the modern musical can be.

Presented by industry leaders Passion Productions and Allentertainment, prepare to be enthralled by an unforgettable theatrical experience that transcends the ordinary.

Running Time: 90 minutes no intermission

Lockout Period: A 10-minute lockout period applies to all latecomers.

Content Warning: This show contains strobing lights, flashing images, haze and fire effects. The production explores mature themes, including simulations of domestic violence, sexual assault, strong language, and themes of death and suicide.

Available for 35mm: A Musical Exhibition Only


With two shows only, FOOLS! is a live gameshow like you’ve never experienced before.

Led by our very own Jester, you and your friends will be brought on a journey of improvisation, music and amusing challenges. But there’s one small catch, audiences become the contestants – making for a hilarious experience you do not want to miss!

So, bring your wit and willingness to play along, in “FOOLS!” the stage is yours. Because our Jester is more than a fool; he is Brisbane’s best night out.

Running Time: 60 minutes no intermission

Content Warning: This show involves audience interaction.

Our Recent Events!


Produced by Allentertainment


Produced by Allentertainment & TheatrePUNK Co.

Dates: 23rd & 25th February

1st, 3rd & 4th March 2023

LYSISTRATA follows a group of ferocious women as they take a stand against war by refusing to have sex with their husbands (and take over the city’s financial and political epicentre, but that’s far less scandalous).
Throw in an all-female/queer cast and crew, language pulled straight from the original text and the comments section of a Twitter argument and a hardy dose of female rage-and you’ve got an emblematic theatrePUNK co. show.

An iconic story of women doing what we do best: fight.

Men Don't Cry

Produced by Allentertainment

Dates: 18th & 25th February

4th March 2023

Men Don’t Cry is a one-man stage theatre play that explores heavy societal themes from an African point of view.
This dramatic comedy piece fused with ancient African music is moving, touching, and entertaining at the same time while giving social insight on many African issues affecting African men living in the diaspora.

Moving, touching & entertaining.

Space: The Flat Frontier

Produced by Allentertainment

Dates: 1st & 2nd March 2023

SPACE is a reality TV show set in orbit.
This political comedy work looks at the dangers of conspiracy theorists, groupthink, religious influence and pokes a lot of jokes on the way at Egad Dusk.

Based on Charlie and Chocolate Factory and Space Odyssey.

Moon with a View

Produced by Allentertainment

Dates: 18th & 24th February

4th March 2023

Arnold is on a quest to deliver his grandma’s ashes to the moon, in an attempt to fulfill her dying request. Join him as he takes on a challenge of a lifetime.
A blend of clowning, physical theatre, and earnest storytelling in this tale about coping with grief in the most adventurous way. 

A heartfelt, clowning comedy that will take you to the moon and back!

Till Death Do Us Part

Produced by Allentertainment

Dates: 18th, 23rd, 24th & 25th February

1st & 2nd March 2023

When an obsessively controlling husband refuses to come to terms with the fact his once adoring wife is ready to leave him, he desperately tries to convince her that he will fix their failing marriage with flowers, a fancy dinner and a night out dancing.

Competition Quarter Finalist

Ode to Adam

Produced by Allentertainment

Dates: 18th & 24th February 

3rd & 4th March 2023

Ode to Adam is a jarring play exploring love, desire and morality. Witness the tragedy of three young adults learning how to hurt and heal each other again and again.
Explore their story through a faded lens of lies and deceit in the real world contrasted against the movement and poetry of truth.

This is my truth, but not mine alone.